If your office is in the London area, we can arrange a visit to help resolve your problems. Due to the progress and advancement of technology we can also connect directly to your computer by using industry standard remote access software and applying secure encrypted communication between us.

Our Ability

We have been trading for over 25 years providing support to clients by resolving issues arisen on their computers and devices. Established since 1994, we have built support and have grown with the industry in supplying services and products. Our experience and knowledge continue to grow as the computer industry grows and changes – we continually educate ourselves on the latest products and receive support and training from our partners.


We can help resolve your technical problems with speed and efficiency. Most problems can be found in searching on the internet or watching YouTube videos. However, during your attempt, you can find that results are similar to your problem but incorrect. Otherwise watch YouTube videos that may involve taking your precious work time from a result of lots videos listed in your search.



You can be confident you can keep your focus on operating your business instead of trying to resolve problems that can be inefficient and stressful - allowing the ability to operate your devices and computers in a positive light.