Customer service is of the upmost importance, ensuring our solution exceeds your satisfaction. All queries are responded with immediate and quick action. Ensuring performance and making sure you have responsive and comfortable experience on your device or computer systems. This allows stability on your systems and make sure the day to day running is without incident or business interruption. Networks have become a very important and vital part of a business structure where email, internet, file and resource sharing has shown to be as important as the computer systems themselves and we can advise, install and configure computer networks to make your business takes full advantage of this.

Because of continuous dangerous attack from hackers and computer viruses. We can advise on prevention and prevent any destructive loss of data from occurring and has become the upmost important issue at the moment. Our experience in configuring many computer related hardware and software products has given us advantage by providing an installation and configuration service to all our clients.

We have proven ourselves to provide full data recovery in case of complete network failures this includes recovery from servers holding your ordinary data to corrupted email servers. Check out all the available services

BACKUP SERVICES Backup of computer system or server is essential insurance against data/information loss either through fire damage, hardware failure or theft. We can advise or provide equipment to make sure a copy of all data is made and stored in a secure location. With either the use of Special Backup Tapes, External Storage Drives or cloud storage services. Ensuring regular backup protects companies from recreation of loss data. Which can be time consuming leading to loss of business.

MONTHLY ADMIN Our Monthly Admin Service is a support and monitoring service for small business. This is support and administration for all IT related issues but cannot justify to cost of an expensive IT department. Servers or workstation can be monitored continuously. We can do this by installing monitoring software that transmits information the status of your computer to our devices or computers. This information allows us to diagnose any potential problems and make sure your get the best performance out of your network. Our monitoring allows us to monitor the temperature of your processor, processor time, memory, hard disk and network bandwidth on your computers. We can also configure and reset services remotely should a problem arise.
We can also administrate your user accounts and computer security. Which could be resetting passwords, creating, disabling and deleting users. Create and manage groups’ accounts. Ensure your workstation is secure on your computer network. Managing and securing files and folders on your computer.

Users want to make sure that their work is done efficiently. However this is never the case when not everyone has full knowledge about the application they are using. We are just a phone call away to find a solutions in tips and solutions in resolving their problems and work efficiently.

Nowadays all applications and operating systems are continuously updated as when the manufacturer resolves issues or add new features to their products. We can ensure these update are applied to your computer and resolve any problems should these updates cause a disruption. It is important to ensure your IT Network is running at full performance 24 hours, 7 days, 365 days a year. Register your interest here.[space40]


We provide assistance for to problems for your IT Solutions. Our Services include the following:

  • Anti Virus Repair
  • Diagnose and Troubleshoot IT Solutions
  • Computer Hardware Repair
  • Network Installations
  • Server Installations
  • Technical Support for Microsoft Products.

These services can be provided as a on-site visit to your offices or remotely via the internet where ever possible.Our goal is to resolve your quickly and efficiently with a little a time as possible.