We are suppliers for most leading brands of hardware and software. To provide better support, we have established partnerships with several manufacturers and software houses. We want to provide a one stop solution for all information technology requirements. Special hardware and software required is only a phone call away.
Our Hardware Products include Computers, Printers, Scanners, Routers and Backup Units from major leading manufacturers like Apple, Hewlett Packard, and Sony etc.We pride ourselves in supplying a vast range of custom built computers and servers. Our computers have the latest the Intel I-Core processors for Computers and the latest Intel Xeon Processors for Servers. With all our supplies we want add to value to your purchase by providing full support and service.


supply_pic4We can setup and advise the use of your personal devices (smart phones and tablet computers).
There has been great surge in the uk for the demand for smart devices (iPhones,iPads and android based devices).

We can help in supporting and configuring these devices. These devise have proved to be useful tools and generate applications generating great revenue for a lot of businesses. We can help develop and project manage these applications. From idea to publish on to the application store services (iTunes, Google Play and Windows Store).

supply_pics1Sleek, shiny, and with a smaller footprint than a wireless modem, the Intel® NUC with the 4th generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor is at home in your living room, your office, or your media center.

The Intel NUC is equipped with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0, automatically allowing processor cores to safely run faster than the base operating frequency. It also includes Intel® Rapid Start Technology, ensuring you are quickly up and running, and Intel® Smart Connect Technology to keep you up to date at all times.


supply_pics3Notebooks or laptops are used by everyone. We can supply full range of laptops manufactured by the companies like Hewlett Packard, Apple, Lenovo Computers, Acer. Our specifications we provided are the latest to best performance from your computer.

Our screen sizes start from 10” to 17”. We make sure that the latest operating systems is installed and remove any unwanted applications to ensure maximum performance from your laptop.

We also provide custom built computers to match the performance required. We have provided stable and reliable computers. We ensure that our computers use the latest technology components. Our custom built computers range from PCs for the home to heavy duty servers. Our processors at a minimum use the latest Intel i3 processors up to the high performing i7 processors.

We also have access to the latest hard drive technology such as the solid state drives for ensured better performance. We always install the very latest Microsoft operating systems and provide latest office systems
Before the Computer System is installed on site the system is fully configured to run at maximum performance and ready for immediate use.


supply_pics2Servers are computers that allow serve and control other computers and services in an organisation. An example would be sharing files between computer for collaboration and production.
A Server is important part of running a business since it’s the central support for all business information technology necessities. E.g. Files sharing, DNS Service, IP Allocation Service, Security.
Central storage of data files, support for internet services and security, management of emails.
At Platinum Systems we recognize this importance and focus our strategy and support around server technology and service.
As Intel Gold Partners we have access to providing the basic servers that support business to large servers to carry more heavy duty work to satisfy all business requirements.
Our Servers use the latest Intel Xeon Processors and can allow to a maximum of 128GB Memory to allow the use of heavy duty server applications e.g. SQL server or email servers.
We also want to ensure that should a server hardware failure we can keep the disruption to a minimum by using latest server redundancy strategies. One of the main strategies we use called RAID technology which involves use of multiple hard drives on a basis should one fail the other takes over the work without user interaction. We can also supply units with multiple power supplies allowing to switch should one fail. We also provide to be easily removable without disruption in the operation of unit.
Our main operating system used are the Microsoft Server products like Windows Server.